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About Our Tanning Salon

TahitiTan-aboutNo cost has been spared with amazing tanning beds that exceed our customers’ expectations!
In addition to high end luxury tanning beds and stand-ups, it is interesting to note that our highly advanced entry level tanning beds are what many salons would consider “mega beds”.
Management at Tahiti Tan recognizes you don't have time to waste, so we've invested in the most advanced tanning equipment available to guarantee our customers great tanning results in fewer sessions while providing superior tanning with less Ultra Violet exposure.
We recommend that you...
  • Try and tan every 48 hrs not every 24. Less is more with our beds.
  • Always wear a lip balm with a sunblock as your lips burn easily.
  • Always use an indoor lotion when tanning; tanning with an indoor lotion is like 3 tans without. it also helps keep your skin nourished and moisturized and will help prevent that after tan odor.
We will always recommend a tan time for you to start out.
NOW THAT'S SMART TANNING! - Don't just get a tan, get a “TAHITI TAN”

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Our Team


Cody White

I attend Tanning Expos around the nation so my staff and I stay current with cutting edge technology, beds and the Best products available. I enjoy Tanning because I like to work out; tanning helps to give muscle definition and makes you feel great!


Caitlin Graham

I've been with Tahiti tan for over six months. The reason I like tanning is that it helps prevent burning in the sun outside! My favorite tanning lotion is Lil' Bit Country; I enjoy using Devoted Creations products because the first ingredient is always aloe.


Nicole Frketich

I’ve been with Tahiti Tan for a year and a half and I absolutely love it! I like to tan because it helps me look good and makes me feel great. My favorite product is the Tahitian Bronze - the perfect amount of shimmer & smells fantastic! Come in and get your tan on!


Nicole Tachauer

I’ve been with Tahiti Tan since January. Working at Tahiti Tan combines my love of being tanned, with my love of travel. We have a great selection of Tanning Skincare and my absolute favorite right now is Coconut Kisses by Devoted Creations.


Dagmar White

Dagmar really enjoys meeting Tahiti clients! she loves spray tans, perfect for establishing a good base before going south.  her favourite: Rejuvenate with its long-lasting scent, light bronzing and extra skin care ingredients that benefit mature skin.